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10 Creative Ways to Have Animal Fun with Your Kids

Young children often have a natural fascination with animals. If your kids share this interest, integrating animal-themed games and activities into their daily routines can add a fun and educational dimension to their lives. Animal fun includes games like charades and scavenger hunts that spark excitement and learning. These activities not only enhance enjoyment but also offer numerous opportunities for learning and exploration.

Engaging in animal fun games for kids not only cultivates a passion for wildlife but also enhances physical activity, cognitive skills, and social interaction. Whether played outdoors in a backyard, park, or indoors, these activities are sure to capture children’s imaginations and spark their curiosity about the incredible diversity of creatures inhabiting our planet.

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Animal Fun with Your Kids:

1. Animal Charades

It’s like playing regular charades, but with an animal-themed twist.

What You Need

  • At least 4 players

How to Play

  • Split the players into two teams.
  • Each team takes turns sending one person to act out an animal-themed movie, book, or animal name.
  • The rest of the team guesses what is being acted out within a set time limit. Adjust the difficulty based on the ages of the children.

animal fun 1

2. DIY Animal Masks

We have a list of cute and colourful DIY’s mask ideas for you to make with your kids.

What You Need

  • Black chart paper
  • Scissors
  • Elastic

How To Make

  • Cut the black chart paper into a cat face to fit your child’s face.
  • Cut out holes near the nose and eyes for your child to breathe and see respectively.
  • Punch a small hole on either side of the mask and thread through the elastic, tying tightly to each hole.

animal fun 2


3. Animal Scavenger Hunt

What You Need

  • At least 2 players (or more for teams)

How to Play

  • Prepare the List: Create a list of animal-related items to find (feathers, paw prints, toy animals, etc.).
  • Set Boundaries: Define the area for the hunt (backyard, park, indoors).
  • Divide into Teams: Split into teams or play individually.
  • Distribute Lists: Give each team/player a list and a bag for collecting items.
  • Start the Hunt: Set a time limit and start searching for items.
  • Check Findings: Review the collected items together and discuss.
  • Award Prizes: Optionally, give small prizes for most items found or simply celebrate everyone’s participation.

animal fun 3

4. Animal Story Time

What You Need

  • Animal-themed books
  • Comfortable seating area
  • Paper and crayons for story creation
  • Engaging questions for discussion

How to Play

  • Select Books: Choose animal-themed books appropriate for the children’s ages.
  • Gather Supplies: Prepare a comfortable reading area with cushions and chairs.
  • Read Aloud: Read the books aloud using different voices and expressions.
  • Interactive Reading: Ask questions to engage the children and encourage participation.
  • Create Stories: Provide paper and crayons for kids to create and illustrate their own animal stories.
  • Share Stories: Let the children share their stories with the group.
  • Discussion: Discuss the animals in the stories, their characteristics, and habitats.

animal fun 4

5. Visit a Zoo or Animal Sanctuary

A visit to a zoo or animal sanctuary is an educational and fun outing that allows kids to see a variety of animals up close. Many zoos offer interactive exhibits and educational programs where children can learn about animal behavior, conservation efforts, and different ecosystems. Animal fun at the zoo is an exciting way for kids to observe wildlife up close and learn about conservation efforts. This real-life experience can deepen their understanding and appreciation of wildlife.

animal fun 5

6. Animal Yoga

Introduce your kids to animal yoga, where they can mimic the poses and movements of different animals. For example, they can try the cat-cow pose, downward dog, or butterfly pose. Animal yoga is a fun way to promote physical fitness, flexibility, and mindfulness. It also helps children develop a connection between their bodies and the natural world.

animal fun 6

7. Animal-Themed Crafts

Animal-themed crafts are a wonderful way to combine creativity and learning. Activities like making animal puppets, creating habitats using shoeboxes, or crafting animal sculptures from clay can be both fun and educational. These projects can teach kids about animal biology, ecology, and conservation.

What You Need

  • Crafting supplies like paper, markers, glue, scissors, and decorations.
  • Templates or guides for animal shapes.

Steps to Play:

  • Choose Animal Themes: Select specific animals or a theme (jungle, farm).
  • Set Up: Organize materials in a crafting area.
  • Crafting Time: Kids create animal crafts using supplies provided.
  • Optional Extensions: Collaborate on group projects or discuss animal facts.
  • Showcase and Clean-Up: Display crafts and tidy up afterward.

animal fun

8. Backyard Wildlife Observation

Turn your backyard into a mini wildlife sanctuary. Set up bird feeders, butterfly gardens, and small ponds to attract local wildlife. Provide your kids with binoculars and notebooks to observe and record the animals they see. This activity fosters a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship, as children learn to care for and respect the creatures in their own backyard.

animal fun 7

9. Animal Dance Party

One of the lively animal fun activities for preschoolers where kids dance to animal-themed music, imitating various animal movements, but must freeze when the music stops.

What You Need

A music player with animal-themed songs or sounds

How to Play

  • Play animal-themed music or animal sounds.
  • The children dance around freely, imitating the movements and sounds of various animals as they hear them in the music.
  • When the music suddenly stops, the children must freeze in their current animal pose.
  • Anyone caught moving after the music stops is out of the round.
  • Continue playing until only one child remains or until everyone has had a turn being the DJ.

animal fun

10. Virtual Animal Adventures

If visiting a zoo or sanctuary isn’t possible, take advantage of virtual tours and online animal programs. Many zoos and aquarium offer live webcams and virtual tours of their exhibits. Websites and apps also provide interactive animal games and educational videos. These virtual adventures can be a convenient and engaging way to learn about animals from the comfort of your home. Virtual tours of zoos and aquariums provide interactive animal fun from the comfort of home.

animal fun 10


Incorporating animal-themed activities into your children’s lives is a wonderful way to combine fun, learning, and physical exercise. Whether it’s through crafts, games, or outdoor adventures, these activities are bound to captivate young minds and ignite their curiosity about the fascinating creatures that share our planet. By fostering a love for animals, you’re also encouraging empathy, creativity, and a lifelong appreciation for nature. So, get ready to embark on some wild adventures with your kids and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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