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Demon Slayer Ships : A Quick Guide 2023

The topic of ships in anime is always a contentious one, with each fan harboring their own favorite pairings. But when it comes to the beloved anime Demon Slayer, there’s no denying the immense popularity of the various ships. From the classic main couple of Tanjiro and Nezuko to the more unconventional pairings, each fan has their own perspective.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the variety of ships and their popularity within the Demon Slayer fandom. We’ll discuss the appeal of each ship and analyze why certain ships have become so popular among fans.

We’ll also look at the dynamics between each pair, explore the reasons why certain ships are more popular than others, and analyze what makes Demon Slayer ships so special. So, regardless of which ship you’re a fan of, this blog post is sure to have something for everyone!


1. Tanjiro and Nezuko

Tanjiro and Nezuko are undoubtedly the most iconic ship from the Demon Slayer series. The two siblings have gone through a lot in their journeys and are now bonded in an unbreakable bond of love and trust. Tanjiro is always looking out for his sister and would do anything to protect her. Nezuko has also shown immense strength and courage throughout their adventure and has truly become a strong pillar of support for Tanjiro. They are a classic example of a brother and sister duo who are willing to do anything for each other and have become an iconic pair in the Demon Slayer fandom.

2. Kanao and Shinobu

Kanao and Shinobu are a fan-favorite ship in the Demon Slayer franchise. They are both members of the Demon Slayer Corps, and their personalities and fighting styles complement each other perfectly.

Kanao is a kind and gentle girl, while Shinobu is a stoic and serious warrior. Kanao’s cheerful and bubbly personality helps to balance out Shinobu’s serious nature. They are both incredibly powerful and dedicated to defeating the demons. Together, they make an unstoppable team and fans can’t help but root for them.

3. Zenitsu and Inosuke

Zenitsu and Inosuke are two of the most beloved characters from the Demon Slayer series. Their strange and complementary personalities are an absolute delight, as they both struggle to make sense of the world around them. Inosuke is the wild and reckless one, while Zenitsu is the more thoughtful and introspective one.

Despite their differences, they are able to come together and form a strong bond, which is seen in their fierce loyalty to each other. The two characters often go on their own adventures and find ways to help each other out, making them a perfect fit for the “Demon Slayer ships”.

demon slayer ships

4. Mitsuri and Obanai

Fourth on the list of Demon Slayer ships is the beloved duo of Mitsuri and Obanai. This pair first met during Mitsuri’s training to join the Demon Slayer Corps, and they quickly became friends. They were later shown to have a romantic relationship, showing how two people from different backgrounds could find love in each other.

Since then, fans have been rooting for these two to stay together and support each other as they battle against the demons. They’re a true testament to the power of love, even in the most dangerous of situations.

5. Giyu and Sabito

Giyu and Sabito is a fan-favorite ship from the popular manga and anime series, Demon Slayer. This ship is often talked about in fan works, fanart, and even cosplays devoted to the series. Giyu and Sabito’s relationship is one of strong brotherhood, built on mutual respect and loyalty.

They started out as two rookie Demon Slayers, with Giyu as the mentor and Sabito as the student. As the series progresses, their bond deepens as they fight alongside each other and share in each other’s tragedies. They are a classic example of the power of friendship and trust in facing the toughest of odds.


In conclusion, Demon Slayer ships have become a popular trend in the anime community. With its unique and captivating story, characters, and visuals, Demon Slayer has captivated many and brought an entirely new level of entertainment to anime fans. Whether you root for Tanjiro and Nezuko or Inosuke and Zenitsu, Demon Slayer ships are sure to bring you hours of entertainment and fun.



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